About Me

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Hi, I'm Avalon!

Portrait & Brand Photographer

Hi, My name is Avalon! I am a portrait and brand photographer living in Toronto. I am obsessed with burritos and the colour mint green. Photography has been my passion since I was in high school. For me, it’s about taking the time to slow down and capture a moment. We all have a beautiful story to tell, and it can be told through many different mediums. I tell mine through photography and I’d love the chance to help you tell yours.

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Avalon Mohns Photography began in 2017 after many years of experimenting with photography. The company is fuelled on dark coffee and a passionate for sharing stories. From shooting weddings to food photography, nothing was off limits until Avalon settled on her speciality for shooting portraits and brand lifestyle imagery. Since then, Avalon Mohns Photography has worked with many local brands and influencers to share their message and grow their business with intentional imagery.

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My Valued Clients
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