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Are you ready to step into your brand era? Let’s talk about capturing your energy and expertise in a way that transcends static images and brings your brand to life.

Imagine this: having videos at your disposable that feel dynamic and exciting. Videos that instantly elevate your brand positioning and put you on track with where you want to go in your business.

These videos aren't just about showcasing what you do – they're about owning your expertise, embodying who you want to be, and selling the lifestyle your clients crave.

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The same level of detail and care goes into planning your short-
form videos as brand shoots, so that they feel like the most natural
extension of your brand and launch you into that next level.

The next level is wherever you want to go in your business that
feels the most exciting. It's your wildest business manifestations
come to life. We create photos and videos that make THAT your
current reality. 


(Add on to any brand shoot!)

—1-hour shoot (in addition to your brand shoot)
—Shot in 4K
—(10) 20-60 second clips (no audio)
—Shot list 
—Great for those looking for more raw, candid b-roll footage for reels, TikToks, or Instagram stories 

iphone videos

$200 + tax

—1-hour shoot (in addition to your brand shoot)
—(5) 1-2 minute clips (no audio)
—Filmed on a professional camera by videographer True Nature Media 
—Shot list 
—More cinematic-looking 
—Great for those looking for more professional, higher quality clips for website or social media 

professional videos

$400 + tax

meet sara,
your videographer

Sara's mission is to create meaningful, creative and affordable content for creatives and entrepreneurs like yourself. She's all about capturing the authenticity of real people doing real things. Her videos feel real, foster genuine connection and make promoting your brand feel expansive and exciting.

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Frequently Asked

With every video service, we do the planning for you. This means coming up with a detailed shot list before our shoot.

This shot list will ensure we’re gettin all the content you need to promote your business and show off your expertise.

Everything is planned with your brand in mind. Location, outfits, props, etc. will all align your ultimate vision and appeal to your ideal client.

Any videography booked as an ‘add-on service’ will take place during a brand photography shoot. This means the videos will be shoot at whatever location we have chosen for your photoshoot. 

If you are looking for just videography as a stand-alone service (not in addition to a brand photoshoot) then we’ll source locations for you in the planning stage.

Our favourite spots for brand videos are: your office, studios with lots of natural light, or on-site (wherever you work or serve your clients!)

The beauty of brand videos is you can use everywhere! Almost every social platform hosts short-form video content.

They are great for Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks. 

If you are looking to feature a brand video on your website, it is recommended you opt for the professional videography service rather than the iPhone videos because of the horizontal orientation and quality required.

If you opt for the professional videography, your videos will be colour-graded so that they look amazing and have their own distinct feel.

iPhone videos will not be colour-graded and are passed off in their RAW format so you throw your own filter on there!

Any brand videos as an add-on service will not be formatted into reels, have any text or transitions, or music/audio. The idea with these services is to give you tons of content that you can repurpose and splice up however you want.

If you are looking for a custom brand video with audio, music, text, etc. please get in touch for a custom quote.

The brand videos as an add-on service are designed for creating Reels, Stories, and Tiktoks so no audio will be included. These pair great with voice overs or trending audio.

If you want a custom brand video featuring narration, testimonials, interviews, etc. then please get in touch for a custom proposal that is unique to your needs.

content that feels like a 


Your standards for content has changed. Showing up consistently means nothing to you if it’s not aligned with a higher vision.

We recognize your business is about more than just selling a product or service - it’s about stepping into your full potential and helping others do the same.

You want content that feels alive, serves your hight vision, and just feels really good. Let’s make it happen.