Are you sick of posting selfies that feel unintentional & unrelated to your brand?

What if I told you there was a way to elevate your selfies so that they communicate your brand stories & attract your dream customers...

This guide will help you create better quality content using your smart phone and save you tons of time.

Learn how to replicate these photos!

In this guide, you'll learn...

✨ What inexpensive equipment you can use to enhance your photos

✨  How to discover what your ideal clients/customers would be interested in seeing from you 

✨ the very important distinction between selfies & brand photos (and why the latter is better for your biz!)

✨ 10 brand photo set-ups including location, props and lighting 

Avalon mohns

I got my first professional camera at 17 years old with the dream of becoming a party photographer (yes, this a real thing). As the years went on, this dream faded hard but I always kept photography as a hobby.

My launch into entrepreneurship began the same as many others: escaping a 9-5 job that drained me. I quit with no other plan than to get a part-time job and advertise myself on Craigslist (spoiler alert: sketchy).

I found my speciality when I started promoting myself on social media and noticed the majority of headshots and personal branding photography were lacking vision. I saw a lot of the same style and systems being repeated and it all felt very meh.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners and professionals reclaim their awesomeness through photography and content creation. If you want everything you do to be epic and awe-inspiring, then we’re the perfect match. 

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