Caledon Portrait Photographer


Caledon Portrait Photographer

My Caledon portrait photography sessions are all about capturing you in a way that displays your individual personality, charm, and aura. Whether you’re looking to refresh your portfolio, document your little one’s first steps, or even add some fun and lively portraits of every family member in the family photobook, my passion for portrait photography and storytelling will leave you with breathtakingly alive portraits.

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Authentic, Natural, True to You


My vision for your portrait session is to capture your individuality – the real, authentic you! I understand how everyone has their own unique charm and personality and how important it is for a portrait to showcase the true YOU. This is why you will get a personalized experience at Avalon Mohns that is custom-fit to your needs. My ability to create a plethora of moods is everything you would expect from a portrait session. Looking to get done your headshots in Caledon? Avalon Mohns is your photographer to be. No boring backdrops. No forced posing. Just you and your aura!

It's Your Time to Shine!

From headshots to creative portraits, my mission is capturing your individuality.

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What People Are Saying

"I found Avalon's profile on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her photography style! I booked a session with her, to update my headshots, and the entire experience was fabulous. I'm by no means a model, and was pretty nervous about having my photo taken, but she made the session feel effortless and natural. She also allowed me to feel involved in the concepts for the shoot so she could be sure I'd be happy with the end result. I'll definitely be contacting her for further shoots in the future! I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a comfortable, fun photoshoot experience."

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Alyssa Newell


What People Are Saying

"Avalon is a great photographer who makes you feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera – something that can be quite daunting for many people (myself included). I look forward to working with Avalon again in the future!"

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Stephanie Morris