Toronto Brand Photography: Chelsea of The Joyful Body Method


When Chelsea first came to me, she wanted to revamp her website and use brand photography on social media to promote her new practice. She was transitioning from working in a clinic to launching her own business and she had a very clear vision of what she would like to present to the world.

Chelsea specializes in natural, preventative health, helping women reclaim their energy, joy, and purpose. Her method, ‘The Joyful Body Method’, is a personalized strategy that identifies the obstacles preventing you from feeling your best, and an action plan to get you the results you want.

As an empathic woman, I connected with her immediately and fell in love with her mission. During the shoot, we also discovered that we both battled with severe cystic acne. Chelsea was able to heal hers naturally, while I resorted to Accutane, so I really wish we connected sooner!

One word Chelsea emphasized was ‘joy’ so it was important to find a space that embodied this. I’ve worked in the Skylight Loft Studio before and was thrilled when Chelsea picked this spot (I mean, I don’t know what says joy better than a bubble chair?).

We decided on a number of props that also represented healing, energy, and health. Chelsea even brought along some beets and boychok to chop!

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