Branding Photoshoot Ideas: 5 Creative Concepts for Your Next Shoot

There is a lot that goes into planning a branding photoshoot. It’s never as simple as just ‘show up and shoot’ because you want these images to actually reflect your business accurately. You also need to get creative enough to attract potential customers/clients. Here are 5 branding photoshoot ideas for your next shoot:

Idea #1: The Brand Colour Backdrop

Girl on pink backdrop holding lipstick

This one is simple but really aids in brand consistency. All you need is a backdrop in your brand colour and some props.

I personally love creating within the confines of a simple backdrop because it really forces you to get creative with your outfit and props.

Think about outfits that make a statement and props that your ideal client would use/be interested in. A disco ball would sure as hell be appealing to Gen Z, but anyone older? Maybe not so much.

Types of props I love to use on a plain backdrop include: streamers, discoballs, vintage home decor, aesthetic chairs or stools, confetti, magazines or books, and plants. This is where you get to build a customized scene for your brand.

Portraits on plain backdrops also make for great website banners or graphics with a text overlay. The possibilities are endless!

Idea #2: The Coffee Shop

coffee shop in Toronto

Another simple, low-cost idea – shooting at a local coffee shop could be just the vibe you are looking for.

Many local businesses are happy to exchange the use of their space for promotional photos or a social media shoutout.

Bring a long your laptop and notebooks – you could even ‘fake’ a meeting with a client. I’ve used this concept for copywriters and coaches of any kind!

Idea #3: The Rooftop

couple standing on rooftop

This is a fun one is your brand is urban and edgy. And if you can scout one out for free – even better – but some photography studios will access to a rooftop and can be rented.

This is another opportunity to get creative with your outfits and movement. Ask your photographer to get some motion blur shots for a cool effect.

Idea #4: The Parisienne Girl

This one requires a bit of planning but the results are so worth it. The idea is to find anywhere and anything that resembles Paris.

Think of outdoor markets, cafes, bakeries, fresh flowers, romantic views and architecture. I’ve executed this theme for web designers and copywriters, and it can be applied to any brand that is charming and feminine.

Idea #5: The Film Look

Who doesn’t love the look of film? The idea here is to find a retro setting and get your photographer to edit your photos in a more dated style.

Maybe your parents’ platform bathtub will do, or you can rent a themed studio. Making sure your outfits and props aren’t too modern will be key for a believable and consistent look.

Incorporating some polaroid pictures as well can give you more assets to play with. You can also play around in Canva or editing apps to give your photos even more retro flavour.

The best way to determine whether these concepts will work for your brand or not is to work backwards from your ideal client or customer. Think about their tastes and also what kind of emotions they want to feel or lifestyle they want to live.

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You also want to consider your brand values. Basically, your brand should be a mash-up of your values and what appeals to your dream customer or client. If you just do a shoot for the hell of that, it might not deliver the message you want.

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