How to Make More Sales with Brand Photography

Your brand photos should bring in business! Visuals that are done right (with your target customer/client in mind) should be a lead generator for you.

When you’re not getting leads on social media there’s a chance your visuals are NOT attractive to your target customer. Here’s how to make more sales with brand photography…

Know Where Your Target Customer Shops

If your target customer/client values a life of luxury then brand photography for Wal-Mart probably isn’t going to catch their eye, right?

Figure out where your dream customer currently shops so you can develop an aesthetic inline with that. This information is crucial in planning your brand or product shoot, and creating content that actually sells.

Do you own a small business? Even if you think you don’t have the budget for it, you’ll want to read: Professional Product Photography: Why It Matters for Your Small Business.

Make more sales with brand photography by understanding where your customer shops and shooting your product in that style
[Make more sales with brand photography by understanding where your customer shops and shooting your product in a similar style.]


  • List 3-5 places where your dream customer shops and take a look at your visuals and see if they align with that. This is SO important when it comes to pricing as well. People will not pay premium prices for brand photography shot on an iPhone.
  • Use your findings to create an updated colour palette and mood-board for your next shoot!

Present Your Business as the Solution 

Some of the most effective marketing strategies are pain alleviation. This means: a business positioning themselves as the solution to a specific problem.

Understanding what problems your dream customer/client are facing means you can position yourself as a way to make life better or easier for them.

Once we understand how we are the solution and the transformation we provide, we can show this in your brand photos.

Instead of digging for information, a potential customer could understand that you help your clients workout at home effectively or organize their finances in seconds by viewing an image.


  • List 3-5 problems or pain points your ideal customer/client is facing and ask yourself if your business is the solution to any of these.
  • Brainstorm how to visually represent this and bring these ideas to your next brand shoot!

Showcase the Lifestyle Your Customer Wants

As much as people buy to alleviate pain, they also buy to help them get closer to their desired lifestyle.

If we only bought things that were practical then luxury cars and designer handbags would not be a thing. These brands succeed by promoting a certain lifestyle/status.

More on how to do this in How Lifestyle Photography Will Grow Your Business: Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd.

Toronto Brand Photography for cruise travel agent Jane Vogel


  • What kind of lifestyle does your dream customer desire? Do they want to travel the world or is their true desire to slow down and spend time with family?
  • Think about how your product and/or service gets them closer to that lifestyle and showcase this in your visuals.
Toronto Brand Photography for Designer Stephanie Adams Designs

Brand photography about so much more than just pretty photos and when you get intentional with it you will actually start to see a return on your investment. The key is understanding your ideal customer/client and letting that guide your every decision, which is what we do in our Next Level Brand Photography Package.

Our brand photography helps small biz owners in Toronto and GTA achieve the brand they imagined and get the business they need! What we do is different from any other studio since we work backwards from your ideal customer, so you end up with images that attract the right people. We conceptualize every brand shoot from scratch for photos that look tailored and allow you to truly stand out from others in your industry.

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February 13, 2023

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