Toronto Brand Photography: Talking With Talya

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Toronto Brand Photography: Talking With Talya

Talya is a registered Psychotherapist, helping her clients reclaim their authentic selves, create conscious relationships, and become sexually empowered. In preparation of launching her website, she wanted to steer away from generic headshots and get some photos that really represented her.

First we sourced out a gorgeous, sun-lit condo to rent for the hour and then I virtually explored the surrounding area to see what there was to work with outside. We were on King St West in Toronto so I knew there was tons of potential lurking around. Talya also mentioned that she wanted to incorporate a graffiti wall, so I had my eye out for that, specifically.

I scoped out a great alley that had tons of graffiti in her brand colour (purple) about three minutes from the studio. This is where we started on the day of and then we stopped at a few places before arriving at the studio space. If I can, I always try to take my clients outside before their studio time – it’s a great opportunity to get warmed up and adds variety to your photos, so it doesn’t look like you’re just shooting in one location.

Arriving at the studio, Talya put on some of her favourite music and we were able to dance and just let loose. It was important for this brand photoshoot to capture feel-good, flowy, and authentic moments and what inspires that better than music? And how on-brand is the purple, tie-dye tracksuit she brought along?  

Talya and I had a blast together and it definitely shows in her photos! I can’t wait to see these on her website.

You can learn more about Talya’s services and connect with her @talking.with.talya.
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