Toronto Personal Brand Photography: Steph Morris

I’ve worked with Steph a few times before and love her whole brand vibe, so I was thrilled when she told me she was ready for some more brand photos! This time she went with the all-inclusive package because she wanted the works: hair & make-up, shot list, two hours in studio + two on-location, and 150 final images.

I instantly knew the perfect studio to complement the more luxurious side of her brand. We started at Sol Atelier Studio where we took a lot of movement-based shots and also got a lot of those ‘detail’ shots that are great for filling in the gaps of your Instagram feed.

Steph had some incredible outfits this time around! My favourite was the high waisted, black underwear paired with a plain white t-shirt and baggy cardigan. All of her clothing choices really emphasized feminine and flowy nature of her brand.

After the studio, we headed to Scarborough Bluffs. Steph wanted an outdoor location and I wanted to make sure it was a spot that was very expansive and inspiriting. It was raining while we were in the studio and completely cleared up when we headed there. In fact, it was so warm that Steph was able to wear a dress on the beach in mid-October!

I planned it so we’d catch the sunset and it was more epic than I even imagined. The horizon over the beach was full of so many colours and I enhanced the purple hues to match Steph’s brand colour.

By the time we wrapped up, we were exhausted! We were both starving and joked that we could each eat a whole loaf of bread. It was so worth it and I love the powerful story of transformation and empowerment these photos tell. 

You can see what Embodiment Coaching Steph has to offer on her website, or give her a follow on Instagram @iamstephmorris.

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