How to Make Your Orangeville Headshots Stand Out

Headshots can really say a lot about a person. Unfortunately, most headshots today tend to look the exact same. Here’s why stepping away from the traditional method can help your Orangeville headshots stand out.  

Traditional Backgrounds Are a Thing of The Past 

We’re all familiar with the traditional headshot on a plain backdrop, but do you feel like a plain backdrop really reflects who you are?

Honouring your individuality is what will make your headshots stand out and truly feel like you. If your employer needs a photo of you on a plain backdrop to match the corporate website then make sure you hire a photographer that can include both in their package.

headshot of a woman: orangeville headshots with Avalon Mohns Photography

Shooting in your home or a location you like provides a timeless and personalized result you can use across all websites and social media. 

Next time you book your headshots, work with your photographer to come up with locations that express who you are.

Diversity is Key

Shooting in a traditional studio usually means you’re in and out of there fast. It’s a system that’s efficient, but where creativity and individuality is lacking. 

Finding a headshots package that allows for multiple outfits and locations is key in breaking outside the mold and truly expressing yourself.

headshot of a woman: orangeville headshots with Avalon Mohns Photography

Getting a range of photos means more bang for your buck, but also an accurate reflection of who you are as a multifaceted individual. We shouldn’t have to settle for one photo to sum up our entire existence. 

Opt For More Photos 

One or two photos is simply not enough to capture someone. Not to mention, the time it takes for this to happen is very short so you don’t have a lot of time to truly get comfortable and feel at ease. 

Getting more photos per package is really important so that you have options. You’re no longer forced to use that corporate headshot on LinkedIn for your website, Facebook, etc. 

Always double check the length of time for your shoot. 15 minutes in the studio might mean you save money, but it also means feeling rushed, and potentially ending up with a photo you’re not happy with. 

headshot of a man: orangeville headshots with Avalon Mohns Photography

Getting your photo taken should be a fun and comfortable experience. The time your photographer has set out for you can have a big impact on this. It’s also important to feel like you have more than one opportunity to ‘get it right’ and more photos per package can offer that flexibility. 

There is nothing wrong with a plain and simple headshot, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, if you want something more creative and perhaps a better reflection of yourself, then it’s important to keep these things in mind. 

Incorporating even just one of these tips can make a huge difference in how you feel about your headshots! 

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February 14, 2022

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