Lifestyle Photography Toronto: Trainer & Naturopath Adrienne

Adrienne is a personal trainer, fitness competitor, and naturopath living in Toronto. Being in the fitness world, she was used to being in front of the camera but wanted to experiment with more lifestyle photography to showcase her everyday life.

Adrienne emphasized right from the beginning that she wanted to move away from any obvious ‘posing’. Her brand photos were to feel natural, candid, and very authentic. 

I sourced a condo location where Adrienne could feel at home and we could show off the different sides of her brand. One important brand story that jumped out at me was the idea of empowering women to live in balance; that working out and eating healthy doesn’t mean you restrict yourself from donuts!

Bringing along so many lifestyle props really helped create layers in Adrienne’s brand photos. You quickly understand all the things her brand stands for other than just clean living. They also allow you to get a feel for her personality.

We wrapped up our shoot at Humber Bay Park West where we could see the Toronto skyline. Adrienne ran through a few warmups and exercises she would normally do, and I was able to capture the real moments in between.

Adrienne plans on using the photos on social media to highlight how she maintains balance in her life and empowers her clients to do the same.

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March 14, 2022

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