Product Photography Toronto: Sweet Scarlett

As a girl who loves neutrals, I had been dreaming about working with a brand that would push me out of my comfort zone. I prayed for a brand that used bright, bold colours and all things playful, and then came Helen! Helen’s confectionary and partyware company, Sweet Scarlett, was my chance to do brand + product photography in a really fun way.

Right from the start, I was working with Helen’s brand designer. She was able to share with me brand colours, elements, and a very colourful mood-board. From there, I was able to create a shot list that planned for both brand and product photography. It was important to capture both because Helen was launching a website where she needed product photos, but also wanted enough content to fill in the blanks on her website and populate her social media accounts.

Since all of Sweet Scarlett’s offerings are for children’s parties, we had to figure out the logistics to get some real kids involved! I suggested a studio at Mint Room Studios that contained a kitchen and also a dining room section/table to host a party in real time!

Luckily Helen’s daughter and her friends were able to make it after school. The product photos and branding photos of Helen were done earlier so we could just let the kids play and do their thing. Cakes were smashed, confetti was thrown, and a rainbow unicorn cake was consumed! I still can’t believe we cleaned up and were able to get out of the studio on time.

Helen’s website has launched, and you can check out her colourful creations at I love how animated and dynamic her website turned out thanks to the branding and photography!

If you’re looking for product photography Toronto, take a look at my Brand + Product Photography Portfolio. We might just be a good fit!



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