Orangeville Photography: Moonstone Jewelry

One of my greatest passions is working with local businesses. I love helping them develop and capture their brand in a way that inspires them and grows their business. Naturally, I was thrilled when Moonstone reached out to me to get their Jewelry brand ready to launch. Their Orangeville photography package consisted of product and brand photography with a full shoot at Greystones Restaurant.

I put on my project manager hat for this shoot and handled everything from creative direction to scouting locations. It was really important we nailed down a brand story and then made decisions based off of this.

Using the information they provided me in their questionnaire I proposed the brand story of finding elegance everywhere and an accompanying mood-board. Finding Greystones Restaurant was the cherry on top. This converted Georgian landmark dates back to the 1850s and it had all the charm I was looking for.

Moodboard for moonstone jewelry orangeville photography

First up was the brand photography, which I headed to the owner’s house in Shelbourne for. The mission for this shoot was to capture behind the scenes of their designing process. It was fascinating to see them sketch out the designs and see all the detail that goes into it.

Then I tackled the product photography. I shot these in my home-studio using black stands and a fabric I sourced that was a perfect match to their brand colour.

Then it was our big shoot day at Greystones. We had hair and makeup by @fernonje and models on set. Staging the jewelry on models and in real-life applications was imperative. The goal is always to show off the product, but for this shoot, selling a lifestyle and feeling was of equal importance

The photos from each section of this project turned out exactly as I imagined them and there is really no better feeling than that. I have to commend the owners of Moonstone for their vision and commitment to getting this right the first time. Investing in the brand story and minding every detail is what helps small businesses stand out and build brand recognition from the start.

You can check out what Moonstone is up to on Instagram and I will be announcing their launch as soon as it happens!

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