Personal Branding Photography Toronto: Stephanie Adams Designs

Stephanie is a graphic designer, web designer, and social media manager who runs her own business and works for a local media company, Dufferin Media. I first met Stephanie when doing photos for one of her clients through Dufferin Media. It turns out she was also looking for some Personal Branding Photography for her own business and she reached out to me!

What I loved about Stephanie right from the beginning was how she knows exactly who her target client is. She filled out my brand questionnaire with this in mind and I was able to work backwards from her ideal client to create a mood board + shot list that would attract them to her business.

It’s so important that personal branding photography is done with intention, because as small business owners, we want more business! Images designed to sell require a lot more research and planning.

If you want to learn more about what a personal brand is and the importance of having one, check out my blog: What is a Personal Brand? (And Why You Need One).

Stephanie’s dream clients are those in the beauty and/or health & wellness industry so I made sure all elements of her shoot were feminine, elegant, and empowering. We added props that dream client would resonate with, such as: skincare products, jewelry and home decor, and coffee and rosé. The studios we choose in Toronto were almost an exact match to her brand colours of pastels and pink.

The shot list was extensive – hitting those client-centered messages and showing off her work was priority. And with every brand shoot, I always get tons of variety so the photos can be used repeatedly on social media. Stephanie booked The Next Level Brand Package, which included hi-res video clips as well!

‘This was one of the best investments I have ever made for myself & my business’ – Stephanie Adams

Personal Branding Photography ensures your brand delivers the right messages and looks consistent.

Stephanie was thrilled with the results, and said the photos came out exactly how she envisioned them. She has already started using them on her Instagram @stephanieadamsdesigns and website The brand consistency and professionalism across her platforms makes my heart SING!

If you’re looking for Personal Branding Photography Toronto, we help small biz owners achieve the brand the imagined and get the business they need! What we do is different from any other studio since we work backwards from your ideal customer, so you end up with images that attract the right people. We conceptualize every brand shoot from scratch for photos that look tailored and allow you to truly stand out from others in your industry.

We open just a few spots every month for branding clients. Learn about our most popular package and get in touch here.



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