Brand Photography Orangeville: The Life Coach for Business

I connected with Jason through a small business grant. He is a profit acceleration specialist so I hired him to identify new lead generators for my business. After a few very valuable sessions together, Jason came to me when he was ready to revamp his branding!

Jason’s ideal clients are well-educated, ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners. I was really impressed with Jason’s ability to pinpoint new lead sources, which brought in business right away for me, and I knew this was a unique selling proposition that we had to highlight.

The brand shoot really focused around his process: walking a client through the steps to scaling their business and the tools/results they would get from working with him. Jason also needed to update his headshots and personal brand photography so we set aside a lot of time to get some individual portraits.

A priority of mine is to always get shots with a lot of negative space. This means have the subject in frame, but a lot of ‘blank space’ around them. These compositions are great for using as website banners or adding text over top to share information or format as an advertisement.

It excites me when a client starts using their photos right away and Jason wasted no time at all. He has used his images to create eye-catching and informative graphics for social media.

If you’re looking for Brand Photography Orangeville, we help small biz owners achieve the brand the imagined and get the business they need! What we do is different from any other studio since we work backwards from your ideal customer, so you end up with images that attract the right people. We conceptualize every brand shoot from scratch for photos that look tailored and allow you to truly stand out from others in your industry.

We open just a few spots every month for branding clients. Learn about our most popular package and get in touch here.



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