Toronto Wedding Photography: Sarah & David

Funny story, but Sarah was actually my very first brand photography client when I decided to specialize in this type of photography. Over the years, we’ve continued to support each other as business owners and even launched a course together! I was honoured when Sarah asked me to photograph her Toronto Wedding.

The official day was on November 5th, 2022, but it felt more like early September! It literally could not have been better in terms of weather. I started the day at Sarah’s house where many of her family members were hanging out before the ceremony. There was such detail in Sarah’s bridal attire and I loved the vintage flair!

The ceremony took place at St. Vincent Paul Church, a gorgeous Roman Catholic Church in Toronto that first opened in 1915. Sarah had requested a lot of incense to be used during the ceremony, which created an incredible atmosphere for photos and would be much appreciate by any photographer!

Then to was off to the reception venue: The Palais Royale in Toronto. I had no idea there was a venue this close to Lake Ontario – it was gorgeous! There was a back deck that looked out onto the water and we were able to get some beautiful photos out there during cocktail hour.

The night concluded with dinner, speeches, cake-cutting, and dances. With David and Sarah giving the final speech, they called everyone to the dance floor and I’ve never seen such a smooth transition into dancing! Almost everyone was on the floor within minutes so kudos to David and Sarah for being the ultimate hype team.

It was truly special to be able to be there for a long-time client and friend. I could see Sarah’s touch in every detail and it was a day I’ll never forget!

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