Toronto Brand Photography: Secret Layers

Kayla is an incredibly talented hair stylist and extension specialist. She’s especially gifted at blonde colour transformations, helping her clients achieved that ‘lived-in’ look. A past client of ours was actually re-doing her branding and recommended Avalon Mohns Photography for her Toronto brand photography! She wanted a large bank of diverse images that she could use consistently on social media.

Kayla opted for the Next Level Brand Package which meant we handled location scouting, created a mood board to pinpoint the shoot’s aesthetic, and delivered a detailed shot list. The shot list is so important in making sure we’re moving through scenes quickly, ensuring the client gets as much diversity as possible.

The first location we scouted was a hair salon in Toronto that has a very minimalist style. It was challenging to find a salon that didn’t already contain a lot of branded elements and decor, so this one was perfect because it functioned as a blank slate. 

Kayla had one of her clients come in and we captured her process from washing to styling. We always advise to show your process during your brand shoot – you don’t have every long to capture your target clients/customers attention so you want to make it very obvious what you do and how you can help.

Next, we went to a studio in Markham. I also forgot to mention that her shoot was happening at the same time as a major snowstorm so our journey between studios was a slow and cautious one. Kayla, being the trooper that she is, even stopped to grab us coffee on the way! I had never been to Sunday Sunday studio, but I loved it! There was tons of furniture to work with and parking literally right in front.

We used this space to take individual photos of Kayla. Strategic props like scissors and extensions pieces allowed us to communicate important messages about her brand while keeping the focus on her.

It was time to wrap up the shoot and start the long journey home! The snow was still coming down hard, but we both made it home safely.

If you’re thinking about going blonde or getting extensions, Kayla is the one for you. Check out her amazing hair transformations on Instagram and get in touch through her website.

If you’re looking for Toronto Brand Photography, we help small biz owners achieve the brand the imagined and get the business they need! What we do is different from any other studio since we work backwards from your ideal customer, so you end up with images that attract the right people. We conceptualize every brand shoot from scratch for photos that look tailored and allow you to truly stand out from others in your industry.

We open just a few spots every month for branding clients. Learn about our most popular package and get in touch here.



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