Corporate Photography Toronto: Northcrest Developments

When it comes to representing your company’s brand and professionalism, generic stock photos simply won’t cut it. Professional headshots and corporate photography offers a powerful tool to capture the essence of your organization, showcase your team, and tell your unique story. We were lucky enough to work with this incredible company twice in perfecting their ‘team’ page. The results are professional, harmonious, and form a deeper connection with potential clients.

We were first contacted to take headshots of the Northcrest Developments team during their team-building events at Artscape Daniels Launchpad in Toronto. 

This venue is any photographer’s dream because it actually had a photography studio in the building! Launchpad was built with creatives in mind so their hub contains state-of-the-art studios for different artistic mediums. What cool place to hold a corporate event!

We captured headshots for 15 people that day using the Launchpad’s studio, plus some group photos. Our second session was held at the Northcrest office in downtown Toronto.

Our portable studio was set-up in a conference room overlooking Front Street. The views of the city from this office were absolutely incredible!

The company is expanding so headshots were taken for 10 new members the team! They piggybacked the shoot on another corporate event so that everyone they needed was in attendance and dressed for the occasion (which is a great hack for headshots, especially when a lot of people work from home now). 

We made sure the new team photos were captured with the same lighting set-up to ensure consistency. This is really important if you plan on adding new photos and want the same look.

It’s great to have an on-going relationship with a company and be able to watch them grow! We look forward to returning when even more team members are hired.

If you’re looking for corporate photography Toronto, we specialize in professional headshots and brand photography. It’s our priority to deliver visuals that will help you scale – whether that’s by bringing in more business or connecting you with your next professional opportunity.

Avalon Mohns Photography works backwards from your goal and creates images in line with that. Whether it be corporate headshots, personal brand photography, or product photography, our photos have a real purpose other than looking pretty.

We create images with intention – not only to match the highest vision you have for your brand – but to bring in the opportunities you need to go to the next level.



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