Fort Erie Photography: Fort Erie Barber and Salon

Natalie is a talented hair stylist who recently made a big move to Fort Erie. As someone who also moved their business from one place to another, I know the feelings moving your business can bring up. She was seeing some success from Google Ads, but wanted to reach people organically as well. Our Next Level Brand package was the best solution in targeting her ideal customers and providing lots of content for social media.

Reading Natalie’s reviews, it was apparent that she made her customers feel comfortable. They were also blown away by the quality of her home salon – comparing it to one you might find in a big city such as Toronto. In a small town, we knew this would be a differentiating factor that would set her business apart.

Natalie offers a unique service that is hard to find in Fort Erie: men’s hot shaves. Highlighting this service would also allow her to have an edge over her competitors.

Based on our discovery, the shot list included: shots of the elevated space, Natalie helping customers feel comfortable and informed, and a visual breakdown of a hot shave service.

In every shoot, we make time for detail shots. These shots can help break up busy feeds and websites while reinforcing themes. Getting close-ups of the barber tools and products not only help sell the products, but communicate a unique experience and attention to detail.

We also captured high quality videos of customer consultations and the hot shave experience. It was so amazing to see the unique offerings and overall vibe of Natalie’s business shine through in her photos.

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August 14, 2023

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