Photography Mini Sessions Are Out and Here’s Why

Last year, I came to realize that I wasn’t being fully authentic in my business. Authentic is a gross word – I know – but it was a theme I felt called to explore. After much reflecting and meditation, it became apparent to me how important creativity is in my work. And I was losing sight of it the more and more I replicated other photographer’s ideas and services. The main culprit: mini sessions.

Why Mini Sessions Are Out

When I first started my first business, I got real funky with my mini sessions, because they were all about building my portfolio. As my business grew, I thought I had to do what everyone else was doing to sustain it.

I replicated what I saw online: the short sessions, the white and airy studio, and you better believe everyone had a photo of themselves smiling with a laptop in hand.

Photo from one of my first mini sessions. I started off really creative but succumbed to what everyone else was doing.

And guess what? My clients LOVED them but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that these mini sessions did not reflect my creative vision, nor did they motivate my clients to go deeper in their brand.

Eventually, mini sessions left me feeling burnt out and uninspired. I knew things had to change so I could better serve my clients.

My main clients are small business owners that use social media heavily to promote themselves. I could see so much potential in every business, but they would sell themselves short for a few cheap headshots. There had to be better way.

I brainstormed on how to reinvent the mini sessions so that small business owners wouldn’t have to compromise creativity for what’s ‘affordable’.

Brand Pop-ups Are In!

So Brand pop-ups were born! They are kind of like mini sessions, except not mini or boring.

These sessions designed for brands that want to go bold with their content without committing to a full brand shoot.

Every brand-pop session will have its own unique concept. A mood board, wardrobe guide, location, and props will all be included.

I come up with the creative concept, mood board, wardrobe guide, and scout locations and props so all my clients have to do is show up in that next level energy.

The mission behind Brand Pop-ups is to make epic brand shoots accessible to every small business owner. They are the same price point as mini sessions but with tons of extra perks!

Each Brand Pop-up has limited spots and the creative concept will not be replicated. That way, you know you are getting truly original content.

Upcoming Brand Pop-ups

Brand Pop-ups will happen 4-5 times a year. Our email list always gets first dibs so make sure you sign-up to be notified when one launches.

If one is open for booking, then you can find it here: Brand Pop-up Sessions. They are hosted in Toronto, Brampton, and Orangeville.

This year we’re just not settling for so-so content. No compromising our creativity just because we’re small business owners!

Are you with me?



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