Toronto Brand Photoshoot for Wellness Coach Jenn Bieri

I first met Jenn at a High Vibe Networking event in Kitchener and I was captivated by her story. She spent many years in the corporate world as a business operations leader, which eventually led her to burn out.

As a way to combat her own stress – and help other emerging leaders in similar scenarios – she started her own wellness business.

Jenn came to me when she was revamp her brand and go all-in on her niche. She realized her gift was helping leaders in the corporate world through 1:1 coaching and group seminars.

Toronto brand photoshoot for wellness coach Jenn Bieri

Her Brand Goals

Working with Jenn was a dream because she had BIG vision and was active in every step of the process. Her goals for her brand photoshoot were to:

  • target corporate professionals with a polished, clean look
  • come up with a colour palette that speaks to corporate leaders, but also make wellness fun and inviting
  • infuse the brand words ease, flow fun into her brand imagery
  • emphasize her 1:1 and group coaching services, and move away from just being viewed as a Yoga teacher

I started my process at the same time as Jenn’s designer so we were able to work alongside each other and get real collaborative with it (which I LOVE). 

Mood board for wellness coach Jenn Bieri

Jenn and her designer loved the colours from my mood board so much that they actually decided to use them for her official colour palette (pretty proud of myself for this LOL).

The mood board I created also really embodied the clean, polished look corporate professionals love but with a fun twist. We want her audience to feel empowered and excited about their wellness journey and not as another task on their to-do list.

The Brand Photoshoot

The location for Jenn’s brand photoshoot was a perfect blend of corporate and cozy. I made sure to pick something that could mimic an office but had the space for fun movement shots.

The shoot was structured so Jenn could ‘warm-up’ and get comfortable with some movement shots, then client shots, and lastly, some solo shots.

Some of my favourite shots are of Jenn speaking to an ‘audience’. It speaks so clearly to her group offerings and her target client. Would you know that one of these audience members was added in using AI?

We had a lot to cover in 2 hours but the shot list kept us on track and we were able to get everything we wanted. I always make sure to include detail shots – such as close-ups of the tarot cards and calendar – because these are great for overlaying with text or using as a banner image on a website.

All of Jenn’s brand assets are starting to roll out across her website and Linkedin, and I am obsessed with how it all came together. Her colours mixed with the corporate imagery is such an unique pairing you can help but be curious about what she offers.

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