Erin Photography: Golden Hour Acupuncture

Jazmine reached out to me when she first opened her Acupuncture clinic in Erin, Ontario. She was preparing for a website launch and wanted photos that really highlighted her gifts. Having just finished school as well, Jazmine is trained in both chinese medicine and acupuncture.

When doing our initial intake call, it became apparent how different Jazmine’s approach to acupuncture is. She sees her patients very holistically and helps them become more connected with themselves so they can be a part of their own healing journey.

Some of the brand words we established were: radiance, vitality, and connection. We also pinpointed that her dream clients are looking for services that are more experience-based. They are not as concerned with what ‘brand’ something is but how it makes them feel.

moodboard for acupuncturist in Erin, Ontario

Jazmine also mentioned she received a lot of positive feedback from her clients about her hands and energy being very warm. Hearing this, I started to imagine exactly what kind of mood and feel her brand photos would have.

We started at Vision Room Studios in Brampton in the Jaipur room, which contained colours that matched her brand palette perfectly. We focused on creative portraits of Jazmine during this portion of the shoot. 

Then we went to her clinic in Erin which was part of a gorgeous pilates studio. It was actually incredible what Jazmine had done with the space. I’ve shot in many smaller clinic rooms before and I’ve never seen a theme come together quite so well!

All the decor, the paint colour, and furniture were a natural extension of her brand and it helped the photos convey the mood we were aiming for.

Erin photography for acupuncture clinic Golden Hour

I took photos and videos of the client journey, from the consultation to the treatment. The best way to capture natural movement and moments is to let the practitioner actually run through the treatment (even if they are ‘faking it’ a little). Letting them go through the motions allows them to get into a natural flow and it doesn’t look staged.

We ended with portraits of Jazmine and some details shots in her clinic. The detail shots and shots of corners of the room are some of my favourite photos because they really showcase the calming atmosphere and paint a picture of what the experience will be like.

When it came to editing, I had the idea to sample a colour from Jamzine’s logo and use it in the photos. I added a touch of pink into the whites of each photo so they all have a really distinctive look to them.

Editing photos using consistent colour grading is crucial when it comes to brand photography because you want make sure your photos can be used back to back on your website or social media without clashing. A seamless brand experience is top priority!

I am obsessed with how the vibe came together! You can find Golden Hour Acupuncture on Instagram.

And if you’re a service-provider or coach living in Erin or Dufferin County, we’re here to bring your vision to life. We help business owners get photos + videos that feel alive and allow you to show up in your most potent energy.

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March 25, 2024

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